Monitor Power using IC


When a system uses both AC and DC power, two different ICs are required for Power Monitoring to ensure superior performance and accuracy. Many of the applications such as Solar Inverters, Smart Lighting and Cloud Servers often use both modes to maintain safe operation, AC as the main Power Supply while DC as backup Power Supply, or vice-versa. Microchip Technology Inc has solved this problem and eased up the process of power monitoring by launching a flexible dual-mode power monitoring IC that measures both AC and DC modes with an accuracy of 0.1 percent error. Power calculations and event monitoring are also one of the main features of this IC.

Source: Microchip Technology Inc.

Measurement of Power using ICs


Analog Device Inc. has introduced an energy-metering IC ADE9153A with auto-calibration for single phase energy measurement applications. This IC uses mSure technology to automatically calibrate the measurement system, reduced calibration time, and reduced equipment costs. This IC can be used with intelligent lighting, data centres, EV charging and industrial applications as it allows easy and accurate energy measurement.

Source: Analog Devices Inc.

Power Management ICs


Recently, Maxim Integrated Products Inc. have launched two new high performance and scalable Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs). With these ICs, mobile system designers can maximize performance per watt, while increasing system efficiency for computationally-intensive deep-learning systems-on-chip, FPGAs and application processors. These ICs, MAX77714 and MAX77752, find applications in augmented/virtual reality, gaming, solid-state drives (SSDs), security and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoTs) and many more handheld devices. Maxim Integrated Products Inc. claims that these ICs consume 40 percent less power than standard solutions, together with compact power factor and extended battery life.

Source: Maxim Integrated Products Inc.