Under Voltage and Over Voltage monitoring


The TPS3702 family of devices combines two comparators and a precision reference for overvoltage and undervoltage detection. The TPS3702 features a wide supply voltage range (2 V to 18 V) and highly accurate window threshold voltages (0.9% over temperature). The TPS3702 is designed for systems that require an active low signal if the voltage from the monitored power supply exits the accuracy band. The outputs can be pulled up to 18 V and can sink up to 10 mA. Unlike many other window comparators, the TPS3702 includes the resistors used to set the overvoltage and undervoltage thresholds internal to the device. These internal resistors allow for lower component counts and greatly simplifies the design because no additional margins are needed to account for the accuracy of external resistors.
The TPS3702 is designed to assert active low output signals when the monitored voltage is outside the window band.

Download PDF: Under Voltage and Over Voltage monitoring using TPS3702

Also there is one other IC from same manufacturer.

The TPS2400 has fixed turn-on and turn-off thresholds of 3 V and 6.9 V, respectively, making it an ideal overvoltage protector for 3.3 V and 5 V loads that are 6.9 V tolerant. However, many loads have an operating voltage that is greater than 6.9 V. To be compatible with these loads, the overvoltage threshold of the protector circuit can be
raised above 6.9 V.

Download PDF: Under Voltage and Over Voltage monitoring using TPS2400

Source: Texas Instrument

Motion Sensing & LED Control

Reference Design Description

The Motion Sensing & LED Control Reference Design demonstrates how to use Zilog’s Z8FS040 ZMOTION MCU with the IXYS LDS8710 High-Efficiency LED Driver and explains how to implement features such as ambient light detection and LED dimming in addition to passive infrared motion detection. It also illustrates how the combined capabilities of both products are an exceptional choice for energy management functions in applications ranging from low-power displays and backlighting to ambient room lighting control.


  • Integrated passive infrared (PIR) motion sensing and LED control combined in a single 8-pin Zilog MCU
  • Self-contained, single-board solution for motion sensing and LED control
  • Motion detection adapts to various lenses with simple header file changes
  • Selectable power source of either two AA batteries or an external power supply with operating voltage in the 2.7 V to 3.6 V range
  • Ability to switch high-intensity LEDs on and off in response to motion
  • Controls LED brightness from three sources:
    • Console command
    • Potentiometer (control source depends on software build)
    • Ambient light

Source: EEWeb Design Library

Reference Design