Railway Production in India

Production of Rolling Stock

  • Indian Railways have set up production units for Rolling stock and Rolling Stock components
  • Apart from production for use of Indian Railways, these production units export Rolling Stock and components to many countries such as Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Hungary, East Africa, Central Asian countries, East Asian countries etc.
  • The following are the production units of Mechanical Department for production of different types of Rolling Stock:
List of Production Units
Name of PU Place where situated
Chittaranjan Locomotive Works Chittaranjan
Diesel Locomotive Works Varanasi
Integral Coach Factory Chennai
Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala
Rail Wheel Factory Bangalore
Diesel Loco Modernisation Works Patiala
List of railway workshops under various railways
Railway   Name of Workshop
Central 1 Kurduwadi
  2 Matunga
  3 Parel
Eastern 4 Jamalpur
  5 Kanchrapara
  6 Lilluah
East Central 7 Samastipur
East Coast 8 Mancheswar
Northern 9 Alambagh
  10 Amritsar
  11 Charbagh
  12 Jagadhari
  13 Kalka
North Central 14 Jhansi
North Eastern 15 Gorakhpur
  16 Izatnagar
Northeast Frontier 17 Dibrugarh
  18 New Bongaigaon
  19 Tindharia
North Western 20 Ajmer (Carriage)
  21 Ajmer (Loco)
  22 Bikaner
  23 Jodhpur
Southern 24 Golden Rock
  25 Perambur (Carriage and Wagons)
  26 Perambur (Loco)
South Central 27 Lallaguda
  28 Tirupati
  29 Guntapalli
South Eastern 30 Kharagpur
Southeast Central 31 Raipur
  32 Nagpur
South western 33 Hubli
  34 Mysore
Western 35 Bhavnagar
  36 Dahod
  37 Junagarh
  38 Parel
  39 Mahalaxmi
  40 Pratapnagar
West Central 41 Bhopal
  42 Kota
  • Wagons are manufactured in various Railway workshops as well as some private firms.

Chittaranjan Loco Works, Chittaranjan, West Bengal

Diesel Loco Works, Varanasi

Diesel Modernization Works, Patiala

Parel Workshops, CR

Rolling Stock

Integral Coach Factory, Perambur

Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala

Jessop & Co.

Burn & Co.

Braithwaite & Co.

Bharat Wagon & Engineering Co. (BEWL)

Titagarh Wagons Ltd.

Axles & Wheels

Wheel and Axle Plant (now Rail Wheel Factory)


Jamalpur Workshop

Alambagh Workshop

Charbagh Workshop

Ajmer Workshop

Liluah Workshops

Golden Rock Workshops

Kharagpur Workshops

Motibagh Workshop, Nagpur

Tindharia Workshop

Coonoor Steam Shed


Rail Spring Karkhana


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